Small Film about the nature around Kruså and Møllegården

This film was recorded on a walk from Møllegården in Kruså via the Gendarmpath to Flensburg Fjord, then it goes past the two small marinas at Skomagerhus, located where Krusaa River flows into Flensburg Fjord. The border between Denmark and Germany are in the middle of the river, so that one marina is located in Denmark and the other in Germany.

Then we head towards the small German town of Kobbermøllen ( Kupfermühle ). Kobbermøllen was founded by King Christian IV , who created a copperfactory in the city and built a large number of houses for the employees. The copperfactory had a water wheel , which was driven by Krusåen that runs through Kobbermøllen. The employees homes, which are built in exactlt the same style as the old houses in Nyboder in Copenhagen are finely restored and still operates as very attractive homes in Kobbermøllen. In one of the old buildings the Kobbermølle Museum is housed, which describes the copperfactory and the life in the city at that time. The story told in the film is in the danish language.



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